These pages describe my teaching development and philosophy. I will continue to update this page and the other teaching-related sections of my website as I continue my career in academia. For my full teaching philosophy statement and a summary of my teaching professional development scroll down this page. For more information on: Course Design and Planning, Classroom Effectiveness, and Assessment of Student Learning, please contact me for password access. 


Teaching Philosophy

As an ecologist, I aim to teach my students not only what scientists know, but also how scientists think. I have taught a range of courses for undergraduate and graduate students in ecology and environmental science and I believe that problem-solving, critical thinking, and writing are the most important general skills for all of my students to learn no matter what level they are at or what type of career path they aspire to. It is my job not only to teach all of my students about longstanding ecological principles and environmental solutions, but also to imbue them with a logical process for developing new principles and future solutions. 

Stream ecology field action Photos by Chris Kitchen (www.ckpad.co/)