Teaching Development

This page describes my teaching development efforts including teaching coursework and workshops that I've taken as a graduate student. One area of teaching development that is especially important to me is diversity and inclusion so I have participated in multiple workshops on inclusive teaching. As my career in academia progresses, I intend to continue participating in teaching workshops and working with university teaching centers to improve my skills in the classroom. Although research is my main passion, I also hope to become a strong teacher and mentor.


Teaching CourseworK - Teaching as research

In fall 2016, I took ALS 6015: Teaching in Higher Education to hone my teaching skills and establish my teaching philosophy. Over the course of the semester, I studied effective teaching practices and developed a number of teaching products including rubrics, syllabus, lesson plans, and feedback surveys. I also annotated and reflected upon my teaching methods and motivations . This coursework culminated in the teaching sections of my website that you are reading now.

In spring 2018, I took ALS 6016: Teaching as Research in Higher Education to apply my scientific curiosity to effective teaching methods. As part of this course, I undertook a semester-long study of the effect of low-stakes weekly lab quizzes on later student performance on summative lab practical exams. At the end of the course, I presented my findings at a university teaching conference and I am currently preparing this study for publication.


Teaching workshops

Over my time as a graduate student and as a member of Distinguished Active Learning Teaching Assistant program, I participated in many university teacher training programs through the Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI, formerly CTE) and the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL).  The links to certificates for completed three course module skill areas are below.


Inclusive teaching

Diversity and inclusion are key values for me in my research (e.g., undergraduate assistant recruitment and senior thesis mentoring), service (e.g., diversity recruitment efforts), and teaching. As a graduate student, I have participated in multiple inclusive teaching workshops including the Inclusive Teaching Institute and the Practice of Inclusive Teaching in STEM.

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