Senior Thesis Mentees

As a graduate student at Cornell, I have been fortunate enough to co-supervise several undergraduate senior thesis projects. This page describes my mentees' projects.


Keren bitan

Keren worked on a senior thesis project in 2013-2014 that I co-supervised with Alex Flecker, MG Weber, and Erin Larson. Keren examined the interacting effects of phylogenetic distance and species richness on leaf breakdown rates in streams. Keren graduated with highest honors for her senior thesis and now works for L.L. Bean.


Sara Gonzalez

Sara combined her interests and experience in ornithology, entomology, and aquatic ecology in her senior thesis project with me and Alex Flecker in 2015-2016. Sara examined the effect of land use on the foraging ecology and diet of Eastern Phoebes using behavioral observations and bulk stable isotopes. Sara is now a PhD student at UC-Santa Cruz working with Pete Raimondi.


Sarah Dzielski

Sarah is currently working on a senior thesis with Rox Razavi, Vanya Rohwer, and me. She is examining the changes in methyl mercury concentrations in museum specimens of NY State birds from the 1880s to present. Sara's study looks back in time and across multiple foraging guilds (e.g., aquatic carnivore, terrestrial carnivore, wetland insectivore, etc).