Outreach and Other Service

This page describes my mentoring efforts and other outreach and service activities at Cornell and beyond.


Enviro-Mentors: mentoring program

The Enviro-Mentors program pairs up Cornell graduate and undergraduate students in the environmental sciences. I have served as an Enviro-Mentor for four years and also served in a leadership role during that time. My mentee and I meet every week to discuss what's going on in her life academically and beyond and I offer my advice and suggestions to help her get the most out of her time as an Environmental Science major at Cornell.


Expanding your Horizons: Girls STEM workshops

Expanding Your Horizons is a nationwide set of science emersion workshops for girls in grades 7-9. Along with my labmates, I have organized several freshwater ecology hands-on workshops on life in lakes and streams. 


Outreach Presentations

I think communicating science to the general public is extremely important. I work to get my research out to those who it matters most to by giving presentations on my research to the general public and stakeholders. My outreach efforts about my undergraduate research findings to local lake associations and conservation groups helped improve their views of scientists working in their communities and helped allay their concerns about anadromous fish restoration efforts in their lakes. As a graduate student, I've continued to give outreach talks to local land owners, have given radio interviews, and have created hands-on science presentations for elementary school kids.